What is wineandtravelitaly.com?

Wineandtravelitaly.com is a website that promotes enotourism and attractions in all 20 regions of Italy. This website is ideal for wine lovers that are looking for active tourism that advocates art, culture, local events and passion for wine. The content of the website goes into depth of each region while showcasing the particular grape varieties, agricultural products, tourist attractions and local events of each territory.

Wineandtravelitaly.com is not a travel agency. It simply allows users to discover Italian regions and view vineyards accompanied with a brief description and photos. There is also information on activities, prices, amenities, and other services that the vineyards offer:

  • Wine & local agricultural product tastings
  • Guided tours of the vineyard
  • Demonstrations of the vinification technique
  • Day trips
  • Visits of local agritourisms
  • And even more!

Why should I choose wineandtravelitaly.com?

Where else could you find all Italian vineyards that offer enological activities in one website? Instead of joining an organized tour, you have the opportunity to customize your own trip with information provided by legitimate vineyards in all 20 regions of Italy. Our specific focus on enological tourism highlights the important sights and wines of the regions to facilitate and help you create your own picturesque holiday. It is also the first bilingual website in English and in French intended for the North American market due to the increasing growth in wine consumption. Please note that wineandtravelitaly.com is not liable for accuracy, reliability and the up-datedness of the material offered on our website.

How do I register?

If you are a user, it is not mandatory to register to use the website. Once you have browsed the regions and vineyards available, you can send an information request to the vineyard of interest without creating an account. The information request box is on the right-hand side of the vineyard page. In the box, you can put your name, email address, dates of interest and a message that will be sent to the vineyard’s email. If you do create an account, you can obtain additional benefits such as selecting and saving your favourite vineyards, receiving our newsletter that includes the newest vineyards and various promotions.

If you are a vineyard, you can click on the sign up button on the right-hand side at the top of the page. Follow the steps to create an account.

How much does it cost to use the website?

The use of wineandtravelitaly.com is free; therefore there is no charge for searching or sending information requests to vineyards about their activities.

Can all vineyards receive information requests online?

All vineyards can receive online information requests, since communication between the vineyard and the user is primarily through email. On the vineyard page, there is a contact information section with a phone number available if the user prefers to speak to a representative of the vineyard.

May I ask for telephone assistance?

You may ask our staff questions via telephone at +1-514-844-4249  ext. 229.

Which payment methods are accepted?

The accepted payments are indicated on the selected vineyard page in the Accommodation tab. The vineyard can accept Visa, MasterCard, checks, or cash.

Wineandtravelitaly.com is not involved in the reservation process between the user and the vineyard. Therefore, we are not financially liable for the transactions or negotiations between these two parties.
For vineyards or regional institutions, payments are issued through PayPal by creating an account on our website. PayPal payments are secured with Secure Socket Layer 3.0 (SSL) or higher in order to protect your data.    

How does the online information request system work?

You can send an information request directly to the vineyard with your dates of interest in order to see if there is availability for your desired activities. The information request box is on the right-hand side of the website. In the box, you can put your name, email address, dates of interest and a message that will be sent to the vineyard’s email.

A representative of the vineyard will receive the information request and may confirm the availability of the activities for the demanded dates by responding to your email.

May I submit an information request to different vineyards at the same time?

Yes you may and then you can confirm by reserving with the vineyard that best suits your needs.

How do I cancel or modify a reservation?

To cancel or modify a reservation, you need to directly contact the vineyard in question. Each vineyard has their own cancellation policies therefore you must verify which applies to your activity or stay.