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You have to travel to Italy at least once in your lifetime

The climate is overall Mediterranean, with a continental influence in the North and mild temperatures on the coasts.

Italy is a wonderful destination.  It is a majestic country with a rich history, numerous monuments, breathtaking scenery and magnificent architecture.

The country is surrounded by the sea, with 7,500km of coastlines, sandy beaches, bays, coves, marinas, and of course, the islands.

Italy is also a mountainous country.  Whether you travel in winter or summer, you can experience strong emotions while exploring the Italian Alps.  Nature is everywhere. Italy is renowned for its abundant and diverse vegetation, its great valleys, and its natural parks. As for the Epicurians, such as we are, Italian wines and cuisine beckon us.  So much diversity and flavours!  We can never tire of them.

One of the best ways to discover Italy is to participate in wine activities and through wine tourism.  It is an incredible opportunity to meet directly with wine producers and fully savour the magnitude of Italy.  There is nothing better than a glass of wine and a good plate of food to feel complete and enjoy the unforgettable moments in life!  You will remember for many years, how well you ate and drank on your trip.

Wine and Travel Italy is an ideal website for wine lovers who are looking for active tourism in wine producing regions.  You will find here details about wines that are produced in each vineyard and each region, as well as the wine activities offered. is your travel guide for a wine trip.  Through the vineyard profiles, you will be able to create your personalized, unique travel itinerary.

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