Wine tourism

As a Family, with friends, in a group or alone, for the week-end or longer, for a luxury stay or a stay steeped in local flavours, for a relaxing visit or for professional purposes, an all inclusive or with no obligations, this website is an invitation to travel uniquely through Italy’s vines and vineyards. is a meeting point for wine producers and wine lovers to share know-how and the art of discovery and pleasure. is the interactive tool assisting you to create a personalized bucolic itinerary by inviting you to discover hundreds of wineries, via their wine activities, their accommodations and a host of unforgettable experiences. 

Cellar visits, vineyard visits wine tastings of all varieties, whether old vintages, new and fresh wines or even wines still in barrels, are just some of the activities offered by the wineries.

Some wine growers might even invite you to help out with the harvest and give you the opportunity to create your own wine by letting you choose the vats to assemble.  You only have to ask!

Find out which events, festivals and cultural activities take place during your stay.  With, the information is available with a click of the button and offers a multitude of possibilities to have an unforgettable experience.  You can search by type of activity, type of accommodation offered on site, cultural of sporting events, and more.

Italy is 20 different regions, each with its own distinctive signature and renowned wines waiting to be sampled.  A myriad of grapes, vines and breathtaking landscapes will satisfy every amateur and wine enthusiast.

Wishing you great travels!

The Wine and Travel Italy team